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John Grimsmo of Grimsmo Knives and John Saunders of NYC CNC discuss their success, struggles, goals and more as machinists, business owners and entrepreneurs.
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Jan 24, 2020

Plugged Into The Pipeline
Having a brain trust is valuable to your business and personal growth. Whether it's social media, family, friends, a mentor, or a business/entrepreneurship group, the benefits are innumerable. Entrepreneurship bears a shocking resemblance to parenting, especially when it comes to receiving unsolicited advice.

Your Win = Crap Shoot?
Saunders shares memo that brings a new perspective to evaluating decisions. Although it's easy to think a good result is from your skill and intellect, you might be surprised to find that it's more like rolling the dice.

Read Howard Marks Memo 

NYC CNC Chip Rag
Stay updated with the shop, shop tours, upcoming events, and
other important developments in the manufacturing industry by signing up for the free NYC CNC Newsletter!


Click Image for Full Post

All the machines are in the new Grimsmo Knives shop and it looks incredible! With a loaner grocery box truck, the team will be able to finish moving the remaining items.

Watch New Shop Progress Video


Grimsmo and Saunders talk details about water, coolant, and ways to make supplying coolant/water to the machines more efficient.

An air line disconnects and whiplashes wildly against the adjacent wall, scaring the crap out of everyone. Saunders shares the story on WhatsApp and Rob Lockwood has an easy solution---almost too easy. Let's just say that the Air Fuses are on order....and maybe a few new pairs of pants.


Jan 17, 2020

John & John have a crazy busy week ahead. Saunders' dives into great detail about his first lathe sub spindle transfer. They both go into great detail about process and the fine tuning that goes into something like switching parts on a lathe. John Grimsmo goes over the plan for moving into the new shop next week! This includes getting the Kern that comes on Monday! Both Johns also touch on switching between the technician, manager and owner as the company grows. They both have great knowledge to share in regards to scaling your own personal growth alongside the company that you run! They reference a book called "Extreme Ownership" By Jocko Willink.

Jan 10, 2020

Less than a week into 2020, Grimsmo's new shop is ready to be outfitted with epoxied floors, water, electric, and air in the coming days and weeks. The floors have been shot blasted and the repairman is on his way to fix the heater. With the new shop being a 1-minute walk from the current one, it couldn't be more convenient. Excuse me, did you say, "Shot Blasted?"

Now I know why it's called The E-Myth REVISITED...
This book repeatedly floats to the top as one of the most valuable resources for entrepreneurs. If it's not enough to hear it from both Johns, Curt Richardson, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Visionary Officer of Otter Products, LLC, mentions it in this "How I Built This with Guy Raz" podcast episode. 

Get A Copy of The E-Myth Revisited

A JaRrINg Entrepreneurial Perspective
When grinding and bootstrapping from the bottom to the top is all you've known, learning about a different approach can be difficult to grasp. How we view risk VS reward and whether or not we're motivated intrinsically or extrinsically greatly determines the shape of the business.

Against the backdrop of the economy, entrepreneurs who acquire large loans and hire out the positions take on more risk; thus, they generally reap more reward. That being said, while it's good not to be a "permabear," ignoring the possibility of economic decline isn't exactly smart either.

During a supply issue, Grimsmo realizes he's fallen back to an old trusty behavior pattern. He's going to push himself to give more responsibility to the awesome team behind him!

Inventory | A Balancing Act
In the process of re-configuring inventory racks for raw material, Saunders is reminded of two things: 1) Jay Pierson's lean approach and 2) The Glock Factory that stores up to two years worth of raw material. While discussing the supply of material, the conversation takes a dark but realistic turn towards history.

Humdinger Tool Life Report & Patience
A company hires ProvenCut to test tool life and when the detailed report is sent back to them, there is no response.
When you don't hear back right away, that can make you question everything....

Grimsmo highlights that ProvenCut isn't just about finding an exact recipe. It helps identify ideal speeds and feeds ranges! When it comes to Swiss machines and using oil instead of coolant, Grimsmo's concern with tool life/babying tools has increased greatly--especially after @eoscases Citizen machine caught fire.

Click the image below for video.

Haas ST-20Y
Saunders discusses reasons for the Haas lathe purchase.
When it comes to the product, is it really turning out?

Jan 3, 2020

Happy new year everyone! This week John & John talk machines, promises and expectations. Grimsmo Knives gets the keys to their new shop and the new Kern landed in Canada. This then sparked the conversation about the planning process with rigging new machines and the move in general.

John Saunders all about "The Prepared" by Spencer Wright, which is a newsletter for "people working on real problems in the physical world". Click HERE to check it out!

Saunders' also makes a list of some of his 2020 goals. The boys talk about struggling to drill titanium.

Dec 27, 2019

Merry Chipsmas and Happy New Year!

2020 is just around the corner and so are the Eumachs, the KERN, and the new shop! With a ton of micro-tasks that make up the larger task of changing locations, Grimsmo goes into tactical mode rather than focusing on the philosophical, big-picture of GK.

Saunders notices an obvious but admirable difference between himself and his Canadian counterpart. Despite the multitude of details that need ironing in the coming days, Grimsmo appears to have a calm and collected disposition.

Grimsmo admits to worrying more than he lets on but it pays to have a centered vibe whether or not he feels that way internally.

"I need warriors, not worriers," he declares. What seems like a survival tactic for high stress situations results in setting the tone for how his team perceives and reacts to challenge and change.

FREE Phil Butterworth Autodesk University Class | Machining Complicated Parts Quickly

Did you know cnc lathe love has 30 Haaspowers?
The ST-20Y has been a phenomenal addition to SMW and John sings the praises of the automatic tool presetter but there a few other itty bitty sticking points.

1. An internal slot left of the chuck can trap shorter pieces of stock

2. the parts catcher door's stingy opening distance

When it comes to the parts catcher door...Grimsmo is UNSUBBING. After all, "That's what the sub-spindle is for!"

THEY DID. The Johns discuss methods, theories, and tooling for parting off.

The speed of the robot arm at SMW is enough to make heads spin. Ready Robotics installed Forge; software that controls FANUC while making it easier for end users to program automation.

Automation & Pushing Manufacturing Boundaries
Back from the MetalQuest tour in Nebraska, Saunders starts to understand the importance of the automation flow chart.

Speaking of pushing boundaries, he also JUST printed his first 3D part ever on the Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer. Grimsmo discusses the Erowa, tombstones, pallets, and vises.

3D Printer Misconceptions
After their introduction to the consumer market, they still haven't garnered support of the masses. Grimsmo suggests that instead of showing their full capabilities, marketing tends to show the printer printing cheap/useless products.

Want an unconventional, awesome, entrepreneurial movie?
Temple Grandin


Sometimes you want to punch a hole through your 11-year old TV--especially when it's possessed. However, this became a father-son bonding/learning experience. By giving William a screwdriver and allowing him to experience the joys of disassembling electronics, it instills curiosity and fascination.

Saunders and Grimsmo reminisce about disassembling electronics. 

End of the Year Challenge: Think about 2020. Not in terms of tasks but ethos. What do you want your business to be?

Please don't forget to send audio clips to us. We want to feature you!

Happy Holidays, friends! We wish you and your families the best. Thanks for listening! 


Dec 20, 2019

This week both John's talk about the million dollar Kern Microtechnik coming to the Grimsmo shop! Both John's also touch on the Christmas holiday coming up and about being a parent! Saunders touches on past issues about having machines delivered to his shop and the entire process of getting new equipment. We talk in depth about learning advanced lathe work, things like Fusion 360, tool paths and when to stop trying to hard.

Things reference in this weeks podcast are listed below:

BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth scan tool:


John Saunders Video on 5-Axis machining:


Dec 13, 2019

The guys muse about their leadership role and how seriously they take it. In order to be a better leader, you have to be willing to admit when things aren't going well--and that's not easy.

Tasks and Tiffs!
Grimsmo shares current sticking points in the shop: sharing responsibility and co-worker conflicts. Incrementally, he's delegating more tasks. When it comes to conflict, he finds it easy to understand and validate both sides...which sounds good on paper BUT it's NOT! Grimsmo and Saunders talk about the importance of a superordinate goal - the goal that has to be more important than the personal issues that present themselves. 

24 Hour Airport Test
SMW is still searching for the right person to be part of the team. It helps to ask yourself, "Could I stand being stuck in an airport for 24 hours with this person?"

Why is inventory at Sandvik kept SO low? No minimum quantities + long lead times don't make sense!

Haas ST-20Y in Action
An aluminum chess pawn is the first part made on the lathe! With the probe arm calibrated, tool offsets dialed in, and spot on tolerances, it's time to move on to the next part.

The upside down Cybertruck sends the part into the chip conveyor. Saunders and Grimsmo discuss different types of parts catchers and their preferences.

If you're thinking you should make your own spindle liners, think again. Don't pull a Grimsmo. Go to Trusty-Cook and buy them instead!

Grimsmo's going to be waiting at the door of his new shop on January 1st--come hell or high water. With the layout determined, he plans to meet with some epoxy vendors. The electrician and plumber are booked but have you thought about running air, though?

Saunders shares some great lessons he's learned the hard way when it comes to moving into a new shop.

First 5-Axis CNC machining class was a success!
6 students each ran their own code and ended up with an awesome engine block!




Dec 6, 2019

This week John & John talk about firing vendors and turning failure into a victory, and money can buy you options but not happiness. John G also confirms that the lease on the new building is confirmed and they are now in the planning stage. John S talks setting up his new Haas Lathe to run a new part.

Nov 29, 2019

Welcome to the Business of Machining Podca---I mean, Business of Machining PRIVATE conversation.

What were things like for Grimsmo and Saunders pre Lockwood button? Saunders remembers a lot more daily struggles, precarious situations, lack of confidence, and FEAR. Have things really changed?

Perfectionism = Double-Edged Knife
A driving force for achieving excellence, perfectionism comes
at a high price. Could learning to be content in the moment be the key?

Atypical but Awesome AutoDesk University Course
Mark Terryberry from Haas gives a history lesson about how
machinists have evolved over time.

AutoDesk makes their courses available for FREE online but you kinda hafta dig to find them--or at least you used to.
The courses will be easy to access HERE on the NYC CNC page.   

Saunders is formally looking for a full time machinist for ProvenCut! If you're interested, send an email to

Giving Responsibility Away: Why is it so hard?
Grimsmo's been giving more and more responsibility to his team but still handles the majority of programming. He explores his beliefs about experience level and how it affects his willingness to let go.

Programming CAM | An Artform
Nuances in personal style, mentality, and experience all contribute to how we program parts. Saunders discusses the benefits of giving the responsibility to an employee.

Area 419 Tour: A great story of embracing lean, delegating responsibilities, and organic small business growth
(Coming Soon)

Tight Tolerance Tornos
Stop pins on the Nak were annoying but on the Swiss, they are a dream! Cycle time decreased from 45 to 25 seconds AND they have noticeably more shine.

Moving & Why You NEED to try 3D printing Your Shop
With tiny, baby machines in hand, Grimsmo's getting ready to plan the new shop layout. 

Check out This Video For More Info!

Dinner and a Flick
Grimsmo and his team head out to see Ford VS Ferrari.
It sounds like a fun night out but there's more to it.
Call it whatever you want but we don't have to put a label on this team building exercise.

Haas ST-20Y Gearing Up
SMW eagerly awaits the arrival of the Royal Acculength Collet Chuck and the final live tool holder. Capto tooling is installed and Saunders is excited to start making parts!


Nov 22, 2019

This week both John's talk about how John Grimsmo crashed his swiss lathe. John Saunders talks about his class called "Growing Into 5 Axis at Autodesk University". They also touch on rigging and moving CNC equipment and a new tool management system that Saunders' created!

Nov 15, 2019

Entrepreneurial visions are known for being lofty, clearly defined, fixed ideas backed by extreme conviction. The truth is, visions evolve. Where you are now was probably an inconceivable thought back then.

If you're thinking of becoming a manufacturing entrepreneur but don't know where to start, the guys have one simple piece of advice that can be the driving force for your business!

Establishing Company Culture - Organic or Intentional?
The Johns discuss the ideas behind creating a culture of excellence.

How New Employees Can Add Value
Seek out and embrace opportunities! This isn't just about what's in it for you; it's also about the value you can offer. "In order to have a growing and fulfilling career, you can't just make decisions. You need to make decisions with opinions."

Honesty & Transparency - What Are You Hiding?
When Grimsmo brings up a side project, he brings the core of the podcast to the forefront. The guys aren't just there to pump each other up. It's about being honest, even when it's not easy. Strap in for this heavy dose of truth.

Working Capital
Big Check Cashed Late + High Number of Receivables = Not Good. Time wasted tracking down dollars and receiving ridiculous excuses leaves Saunders frustrated. Now, he's calling out the biggest offenders and it's NOT who you think!

Net 30, Net 60, Net 90
Do you negotiate discounts with vendors for early payment? If not, it might be a good idea to start!


Nov 8, 2019

This week we talk about new shops and the sometimes ugly process behind it. Also John Saunders finally gets a lathe!

Other topics discussed this week are the beginning of their careers in the early YouTube days. Finally getting a part made right just feels so good! John Grimsmo talks about the Saga pen being in full effect. Saunders' Fanuc Robodrill is rocking hard, it is making him re-think the robot arm.



Nov 1, 2019


If you're a Business of Machining podcast listener, send us an audio clip so we can add it to future episodes! Make sure to listen to this episode for further details!

What's Up in Saundersland?
John returns from Spectre EDM in Blue Ash, Ohio.
"Good EDM Shops never cut corners (pun intended)."

If you have any burning questions about EDM, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming tour video on YouTube! The comment section will be open to Q&A!

Tool Life Problem Resurfaces at GK
Back in episode 136, Grimsmo's 1/8" ball end mills were snapping at the collet nut. Custom tooling with a more rigid shank was working perfectly (at first). Grimsmo's making some toolpath tweaks and Saunders suggests that the issue might even be coolant related.

Speaking of Coolant, What's in YOURS?
Saunders gears up to release a video about H2O.
The layman's version will show different ways to test and monitor
water quality, clear up confusion surrounding initial fills, tap water versus pure water, subsequent top offs, and more.

Saying Goodbye is Hard!
Erin is leaving Grimsmo Knives for bigger and better things and we're all going to miss her! She's got a lot of exciting freelance work lined up and she's heading back to Africa! In her place, GK welcomes Fraser Cuviello to the team. Saunders agrees to trade the coolant video for a Grimsmo Knives video featuring Fraser's savvy skills.

Click the Image Below!

Machine Shop Stuff Goes Awry: Red Lights, Running Out of Air, and the Ontario Burn

- Parts Catcher Arduino bites the dust
- Maker's Choice Google Script Breaks
- Saunders walks on ERP system
- Running out of air

Oct 25, 2019

What would Scott Harms do?

We all have people we look up to, and take cues from in our lives. For Saunders, of course, that person is a machinist. Saunders got to TOUR of MetalQuest in Hebron, Nebraska, so keep an eye out for that on his youtube channel

Teaser: This guy is positive AND realistic! It’s a story of slow growth, but it’s very relatable as an entrepreneur. 


Even though Saunders was only at MetalQuest for the day, he got some real mellow vibes from Scott and the employees. Saunders and John talk about what makes a good work environment. 

PLUS the company has their own ERP system! So processes are smmmooootthhh

ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning. An ERP system is “a modular software system designed to integrate the main functional areas of an organization's business processes into a unified system” - Reference

Aka. Lots of things are AUTOMATIC


So, basically all you need is robots.

Grimsmo and Saunders talk about how they’re improving their own processes lately (hint: drilling concrete is involved). But remember, money spent one place, can’t be spent somewhere else. 


Real-estate and machines are top of mind for Grimsmo and Saunders, and the Grimsmo Team has FINALLY found a new shop and is SCALING-UP!

The two Johns talk real-estate advice, and how to negotiate when leasing a new building. You can often talk to the landlord to improve a space in general if the improvement adds value to the property. 

“You can often negotiate a tenant allowance” - Saunders 

“If your broker isn’t totally comfortable talking about this, you need to find a new broker” - Saunders 

Goodbye Erin, it was nice! Hope you find your paradiiseee 

Erin leaves the Grimsmo shop to go to Africa and throw herself into freelancing. Fraser is the latest addition to the Grimsmo team! 

Keep an eye out for the RJ Cylinder Shop Tour on Saunders’ Channel 

Oct 18, 2019


Finding a space that fits your business but still allows room for growth can be tricky. The mammoth 26,000 sg ft building turns out to be a bust for Grimsmo. However, he's found THE ONE and it's PERFECT--as long as the concrete's deep enough (more on that later).

You don't know what you don't know.
Signing leases might seem casual and straightforward especially if you've personally rented an apartment or house. However, there are lease options you aren't aware of that can come back to haunt you.

Check out this basic rental agreement overview to make sure you're on the right track!

Once you've found a great place for your manufacturing business, you gotta check the floors. In the midst of signing paperwork, you might forget how important the thickness of the foundation or substrate is! Some machines require a certain thickness to guarantee a level of rigidity while others may not.

Grimsmo and Saunders share their experiences with hiring employees. They discuss the importance of finding candidates who share the same passion, work ethic, eagerness to learn, and what should be done if the "fit" isn't right.

Grimsmo's honked off at the workflow for the SAGA pens.
He's been batching parts up to this point but would prefer the one-piece flow like the knives. Saunders and Grimsmo discuss potential solutions that include staggering production and dedicated machines.

Oct 11, 2019

Taking it to the NEXT LEVEL 

Should The Business of Machining be more than a conversation between machinist/entrepreneur buddies?

Saunders and Grimsmo discuss what makes BOM stand out among podcasts, and how to be more clear in their intentions for the podcast.  

Who can you trust?? To answer to your question

“Be careful in this day and age because anybody will answer your question” - Quote Saunders liked

In a world of opinions, decide in advance whose opinion you trust. Target your questions to those who can best answer them. 

Saunders’ Baby, ProvenCut, PARTNERS with Xometry

Some Xometry products will go up on the ProvenCut website. 

Lights OFF, camera, action! 

Grimsmo does his first night of “lights off machining” on the Swiss Lathe, and realizes how much help a camera surveillance system would be to allow him to keep an eye on the machines when he’s not there.

“I feel like I’m making the machines feel lonely when I turn all the lights off” - Saunders 

The Power of a $10 End Mill

Grimsmo and Saunders talk about spindles, tool life, and setting up a system to better understand when their tools are wearing out. 

“My one [$10 - $20] end mill can do up to 500 parts!” - Grimsmo

Some measuring equipment is better than others...

“Woah, that’s an optical comparator on steroids!” - Grimsmo

When to Customize your Website

Saunders and Grimsmo talk about different features that web hosts provide, and the pros and cons to getting a custom website. 

Other Topics in this Episode: 

  • Balancing machine time to crank out parts for everything
  • Saunders is going to check out the UMC 500 at a tool show this week

Thanks for listening! 

Saunders and Grimsmo discussed having more specific topics on BOM episodes, such as what to look for in a new hire. If you liked this episode, give us a review on your podcast app! We’d love to hear what you think.

Oct 4, 2019


Grimsmo and the gang are shutting down the shop and heading to CMTS to learn! Everyone has an eye out for things that could improve GK processes AND now that Grimsmo's in a 5-axis mindset, he's ready to absorb as much as possible.


Although trade shows are fun and full of information, they can also steal time from your business. Attending a trade show can feel productive; however, it can also be a cleverly disguised distraction preventing more important, dreaded tasks from completion.

Gearing Up for a Trade Show Visit?
Click Here for some tips to make the most of your time there!

Saunders gets Marie Condo Points for unloading the Bridgeport, which hasn't been used in over a year---except when Ed's using it as a Broachport. Making decisions to pare down can be difficult because we think our stuff is more valuable than it actually is. The good news is that determining ROI can help!

DOMO ARIGATO, MR. ROBOTO (If you sang this, you get 5 bonus points)
Ahhh, the FANUC Robodrill has arrived but it's lonely and J5 is sizing it up.A sub panel has to be added to feed the Robodrill and and another "evil" machine.

Is it Big Plus? There are a few clues here and there but nothing definitive. Once the wiring is finished, the SMW team will determine the automated workflow for a new mod vise product!

Ready Robotics - Possible Solution to FANUC woes?
During a fireside entrepreneurial chat with FlexArm, they bring up a company based out of Columbus, Ohio (50 minutes from SMW). Turns out, they have an OS that lives on top of FANUC to control FANCUC and other robots. Does this mean that SMW won't have to learn FANUC?

Having 3D printed models of your machines DOES help immensely but they are also limited. After being presented with an abnormally large moving bill for the TM3-P and the UMC-750, SMW finds it valuable to have skates to avoid being at the complete mercy of the riggers.

THE P.O. PLUNGE - Who are you and what have you done with JOHN!?
Saunders signs the P.O. for the lathe (pretty sure the real John has been swapped with a lathe-loving cloned version). He even ENJOYED making a part on the Slant Pro recently....

Since the Robodrill needs to be bolted down, he decides to wait until the lathe and bar feeder arrive before determining its semi-permanent placement.

Not only does SMW have plans for a few new products for this machine, they also plan to add turning recipes to ProvenCut!

Grimsmo finally speaks to the elusive guy he's been texting for the last 3 months about the 26,000 sq ft shop.

Sep 27, 2019

Buckle up for this EPIC episode of BOM!

Saunders and Grimsmo both have a LOT to talk about as Grimsmo bargains for the shop of his dreams, and Saunders takes on multiple projects that each have BIG implications and potential

Behind the GrimsBRO scenes 

When it comes down to it, Grimsmo Knives was started by two brothers, and they continue to make big business decisions together. Grimsmo shared a chat on his Insta story (@johngrimsmoknives) between him and Erik, and it left people guessing.  

BUT Grimsmo KNOWS what he wants. 

After visiting his dream shop a couple days ago, he says: 

“[The shop] is different than what I expected, but it’s also everything I expected. Price wise, it works” - Grimsmo

NYC CNC 5-Axis Machining Class FINALIZED

Saunders finalized his first 5-axis machine training class! The ROBODRILL is rigged up and ready, are you? 3/6 slots are already sold out, so reserve your slot ASAP  

2 Day Class (Dates): Dec 5 - 6, 2019 

Price: $1750

Hey girl, you wanna Netflix n’ LEARN??

Both Johns recommend the Netflix documentary on Bill Gates

What is YOUR definition of success?

Highlight: Everyone has a different definition of it, and yours shouldn’t be defined by someone else’s parameters for your life. 

“Work and family are really the only two things I care about in the world” - Grimsmo 

Saunders and Grimsmo discuss what success means, and what role happiness plays in the equation. 

Book recommendation: 

Delivering Happiness By Tony Hsieh

Also discussed in this episode: 

  1. Google ads campaign for fixture plates. What social media platform is best for your business to advertise on?
    1. Check out Grimsmo’s video on cleaning out the Mori Mill 
  2. Saunders visit with QualiChem, and a discussion of different coolants and filtering methods (Water matters!)
  3. Cleaning parts with an Ultrasonic Cleaner, and which one to buy 
  4. Saunders admits that he’s warming up to lathes. Proof: “I have a fanuc in the shop, and I like lathes” - Saunders. Will BOM ever be the same again??
Sep 20, 2019

A simple, offhanded comment in episode 134 generates a heart-warming response from the machining community.

Click Image Below to Check Out Original Post from Ignite Digi



Operation StickerBomb = Success!

At first, Kern Microtechnik isn't about that sticker bomb life but when they realize that people aren't defacing property, they fully embrace it! Who doesn't love a high-precision company that can kick back while in the throws of a haughty, sophisticated event like EMO?? We ALL do. By engaging with the community, they're fast becoming the holy grail of machining no longer hidden!

With Great Machines Comes Great Responsibility

The final signature on Kern paperwork at the kitchen table brings about entrepreneurship topics that have no time for subtlety. Grimsmo and Saunders get deep into the cavernous issues surrounding determining a presence, focusing on value for the community, profitable companies getting the side eye, and a major caveat to leadership: no one is holding your nose to the grind stone.

"As difficult as this is, I've grown into it and I'm enjoying the challenge. " - Grimsmo

Stay tuned for the RETURN of Chip Break!
Saunders has a video in queue about the top 10 business success tips that he swears by. The list might be old and crusty...but the points are things you may have never considered!

Leap into Automation
Unfortunately, a local college doesn't quite have the infrastructure to cultivate a thriving robotics program, which means SMW ends up purchasing the first piece of their automation puzzle: a FANUC Robo Drill with a Robotic Arm & Vision System. Once Saunders is finished crying into his Space Mouse, the plan is to dive in head first and figure out how to implement the robotic arm into production for the new mod vise system!

How to Send a Machine Abroad
Step 1. Call CSA
Step 2. Insert Maple Syrup into Elelectonics Enclosure?
Step 3. Hope that's enough to smooth things over...

Sounds like a legit plan!

You CAMplete me.
Moving the body really gets the blood flowing--to your head, that is!
During a morning workout routine, Grimsmo is struck by the realization that he might have miscalculated and purchased tooling that won't be able to reach! "I need CAMplete like....NOW."

ProvenCut to the Rescue
1/8" ball end mills are snapping at the collet nut, so CAMplete whips up some specialized tooling with a more rigid shank to save the day. While that's a good short-term solution, but is the issue REALLY shank rigidity? The Johns dive into deeper questions about tool pressure, number of flutes, axial doc, and coolant. The Johns turn to ProvenCut to double check a recipe and compare notes in Fusion 360 to get to the root cause.

If you don't already, consider following ProvenCut's Instagram! 

Click Image Below 



Sep 13, 2019

Do you even lathe, bro?

“I LOVE LATHES!” - Not who you’d expect

As Saunders gets deeper into research for his potential lathe, he plays 20 (000) questions with Grimsmo. If you’re thinking about buying a lathe yourself, or you just need some basic lathe tips, this is the episode for YOU! 

Get your notebook out, and let’s get started! 

Quick tips: 

“Get what you know you’ll need, and just buy more stuff later” - Grimsmo

“This is like getting an HD TV when you’ve been reading and brailing your whole life” - Saunders

“Stabilizing your tool can improve your finish” - Saunders 


Submission Deadline: Tuesday September 17th, 2019.
Winner announced on September 20th Episode!

Grimsmo and Saunders are now both using the project Saunders created: Proven Cut ("We break tools, so you don't have to!")

Meet up with Saunders on Oct 9th! 

If you're in the mid-west, come check out the Haas event on October 9th. Pssst, they'll have a UMC 500! 

Haas Training in the Midwest

Sep 6, 2019


If you're a parking lot circler, share the podcast for a chance to WIN!


Submission Deadline: Tuesday September 17th, 2019.
Winner announced on September 20th Episode!


Hints of an upcoming lathe purchase have been gracing these podcast episodes for some time. Saunders asks Grimsmo for advice on the right number of radial and axial live tool holders AND which machine features to purchase or skip to maximize utility.

Holding tight to visions of automation, they discuss benefits and drawbacks of CAPTO holders, bar feeders, and palletization.

European Manufacturing Philosophy - Investing without Hesitation?
Visiting machine shops isn't just about the cool machines and parts. Company values, cultures, and philosophies make themselves known. Saunders reflects on his tour of 3D Tech Draw and one striking observation spanning factories in Europe; namely the lack of hesitation to make long term investments in tooling or automation.

Watch 3D Tech Draw Tour |

If you're headed to EMO (the world's largest trade show) this year, you have an assignment: FIND GRIMSMO'S EROWA AND STICKER BOMB IT!

Our minds love to make up unrealistic emotions about the items on our to-do lists. Often, DOING the task is rarely as bad as THINKING about it. Speaking of to-do lists, could a deliberately drawn, small box beside the task lead us to be more deliberate and methodical?

Self Imposed Deadlines - You're NOT REAL, MAN!
Deadlines are a necessary part of being a business owner. The question is: How can you create deadlines that you believe in, that give you the same sense of urgency and dedication that an outside force of accountability can produce?

Saunders makes the mental decision to move forward on implementing ERP. He continues to gather information, specific needs, and arrange meetings with end users to determine which system will work best for SMW.  


Aug 30, 2019

In this episode: NEW IDEAS: 

“It’s amazing what can happen when you Palletize your life!” - Saunders

Grimsmo’s new love...The BUYER’S Choice System

If you know about Grimsmo Knives, you know about their Maker’s Choice system. This is the way they’ve been selling their knives for YEARS. The title of the Buyer’s Choice System says it all; if your name is picked, you can order a knife specific to your ideal Norseman. Check out the Grimsmo Knives website, and Grimsmo’s Instagram account for more details and to sign up

“It’s the merger of the digital and physical world that’s so intriguing to me!” - Saunders

The DIGITAL Side of the Business

Saunders and Grimsmo talk ERP systems such as Airtable, ProShop and...Google Sheets??

Learn what you can do with an ERP system, what the benefits are, and when to scrap yours if it’s not working for your company. 

“We love google sheets. Our business runs on google sheets” - Grimsmo 

‘Nobody should have to count inventory“ - Grimsmo

Bonus tip: Get a scale for your parts

Does EVERYONE need a custom system?

Grimsmo and Saunders discuss if it’s possible to have a system that’s customizable to everyone’s needs. In this day and age, your business runs online. 

Saunders’s Flipped the Switch on his NEW project PROVEN CUT

“We break tools so you don’t have to” - Project Slogan  

Learn about what “recipes” you can use with this service

Aug 23, 2019

Settling In Nicely
Anyone remember what it felt like to push that clunky snooze button on an LED Panasonic alarm clock? The Grimsmo family is settled comfortably in their new home--so much so that John has no recollection of his alarm or swiping the snooze.

Double Time Reality
Although Grimsmo's slowly inching toward handing off more
responsibility within his company, this week it's double duty.

Swiss Switch
After machining an emergency collet on the Swiss FOR the Swiss, Grimsmo gets midway through part setup only to realize inventory is lower for a different part. Upon hearing that the information was calculated by handy Excel spreadsheets rather than the ERP system, Saunders warns about the dangers of divergent systems.

Orange Nuggets
Saunders admits that right now, SMW doesn't have a good inventory tracking system in place. Kanban cards are proving to be tricky with the varying sizes of fixture plates BUT 3D printed orange that's an idea! While it might seem too simple or even lazy, isn't that exactly how efficiency is born?

What do wool shoes have to do with machining metal? EVERYTHING.

It doesn't matter what you sell, valuable lessons can be learned from ALL types of businesses. What IS important is being able to apply those lessons so your business can benefit.

Expanding Horizons
Join in as the Johns discuss points from their current reading material that hit home!

Check out the article on NYC CNC for more awesome points from The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing!

Recommended Reading for Manufacturing Machinists:

The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
Good to Great by Jim Collins

Aug 16, 2019

Work/Life Balance

Saunders had a great time at Autodesk Fusion 360! Now it’s onto the Field Museum in Chicago with his family.  

“Your business and personal life has to go hand in hand!” - Grimsmo 

Grimsmo moved into the new house over the weekend, and it already feels like home. 

When can an entrepreneur start to give themselves a salary?

Saunders talks about putting your profits back into the business in order to guarantee success, but at a certain point everyone needs to pay themselves. And there can be practical tax and insurance benefits to having a regular salary too. Saunders and Grimsmo talk about this, and what it means to borrow money from your business. 

Start by asking, “what would your business do if you needed to borrow money?” This question can help you define where the value of your business lies, and help you make better decisions when it comes to purchasing decisions. 

“Don’t buy sh** that depreciates” - Saunders

“Lifestyle businesses”

Saunders encourages Grimsmo to take the next step with his business, and hand the reins to the employees of the company. 


Text and Email are SO last decade. 

Make the recipient of your message fall of their seat: send them a video response to their query. 

Saunders uses to do this. 


Other topics in this episode: 

  • When to help people
  • Automation and systems in place to make it happen 
Aug 9, 2019

Portland, Oregon. Autodesk Fusion 360 Academy Day 2.
Sans the glitz, glam, and exuberance of Autodesk University Las Vegas, the close-nit vibe and Fusion focused course material makes for an amazing time.

Saunders shares an AWESOME Fusion 360 hack from Rob Lockwood's 5-Axis Fixturing Course.

During the event, Saunders has dinner with Don Grant from Helical/HarveyTool, the same person Grimsmo met at Autodesk Toronto in July. Turns out, Don had a sweet solution for Grimsmo's 3/32 problem!


(may be an exaggeration but...just go with it)

During critical knife handle milling, 3/32 4-flute endmills were dying within 1 pallet, which means having to re-work each pallet (PAINFUL) BUT---the good news is the Helical 5-flute endmill coated for titanium has lasted through 17 PALLETS AND IS STILL GOING STRONG!

AC gets repaired only to break down again two days later. Although the Nak LOVES the heat and is churning out uber-consistent parts...the lapping machine begs to differ!

How's the TORNOS?
An expensive coding mistake serves as reminder to quadruple check code AND make sure the post is smooth, refined, and operating without requiring manual manipulation.

Home Sweet Home
Grimsmo and FAM are moving into their first home!

The desire to see a day in the life of other shop owners has remained strong for Saunders, especially if he could do it in stealth mode. Everyone tends to change behavior slightly in the presence of company or a camera.

Corncob, Triangles, & Toblerones
The new tumbler that emerged from a trade deal has dividers. Erik tosses his SAGA into the corncob section to see how it holds up.

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