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John Grimsmo of Grimsmo Knives and John Saunders of NYC CNC discuss their success, struggles, goals and more as machinists, business owners and entrepreneurs.
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Jul 27, 2018

Both Saunders and Grimsmo have been working towards the success of their business for about a decade, and an article written about NYC CNC helps them both reflect.

Just as a new lifestyle starts to creep up on the Johns, things start to speed up at the Grimsmo shop. Erik beat his knife making record! Now it’s up to the others to keep up!

Wake up, John! 

How you wake up can determine the rest of your day. What’s your morning routine? Grimsmo has tried out a ton, but both Saunders and Grimsmo have found that getting that extra time with their families in the morning makes them more productive.

“Having a focus list helps you say no to a lot” - Saunders

Get ‘er done!

Saunders decided it was time to revamp their fixture project, but that’s all he had to do with it. Alex the intern did some awesome problem solving and met the challenge head on! It comes down to delegation and trusting your team.

Fancy New (Shop) Toys

Speaking of delegation, Saunders literally just bought into one of his employees ideas, and now Ed at NYC CNC has a new Mark II 3D Printer because of it! Basically, this machine gives you the ability to run stronger material than a run-of-the-mill $400 3D printer. You can learn a lot more about its special abilities to make an Auger for your Haas in Saunders’ upcoming video!

Oh no! Grimsmo’s toaster broke! I guess it’s time for a new tempering oven...

When you have a brand new lapping machine, but you’re still using a toaster oven to temper your blades, you know it’s time for an upgrade.

Running a machine shop? Get a microscope. ‘Nuff said.

Complicated coding makes for more efficient machining; keep an eye out for Grimsmo’s video on engraving!

Interested in making knives? Grimsmo’s got some advice for you. 

Grimsmo and Saunders have a similar story, but the real reason it's inspiring is because it's replicable. Being an entrepreneur is difficult, but anyone can take small steps to achieve their bigger goals. 

For example, take a look at Grimsmo’s first knife. The blade was 304 stainless steel!

“Businesses like CAMplete look overwhelming when you see them today, but the reality is that that’s not how anything is built. It’s grown over time” - Saunders

Saunders and Grimsmo went to visit CAMplete when Saunders was in Canada, check out the video! Coming soon on Grimsmo's YouTube channel

Saunders’ Pro tip: lean machining can be done at any level

Jul 20, 2018

What today's episode lacks in pep, it makes up for in realism:
Entrepreneurship can be exhausting--and it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

After the Johns team up in Canada, the overwhelming excitement settles, leaving the need for recuperation behind.

Stay tuned for the video and video podcast!

A change in surroundings brings new thoughts and ideas to
the table--literally.

Saunders and Grimsmo discuss their trip to CAMplete Solutions, Inc.--a company that designed specific software to bridge the communication gap between CADCAM & machines. To learn more about CAMplete Truepath or CAMplete Turnmill, click HERE!

Entrepreneurship & Open Minds
As Saunders's confidence in 5th-Axis machining increases,
he admits, "It's time for a lathe"--with a Y-Axis, of course!
The guys discuss Y-Axis benefits and 3-Axis toolpath milling differences & preferences.
"It's a whole new world!" - Grimsmo

While on their CAMplete adventure, Grimsmo can't help but feel responsible for alarming out the MAM72-35V.
Check out Grimsmo's Hanbei Error Alarm Remedy!

Torque Wrench Myth Laid to Rest?
While the data isn't scientific, Saunders gets confirmation about stored torque wrench values from a reputable defense company!

D'jever See This Before?
Grimsmos ER11 Lindex Collet Nut Cracked!
Click the photo for full IG Post:

BIG ASS Fan Arrives at SMW (video coming soon)
The nomenclature is fitting and it feels amazing!

Grimsmo Knives blows the door WIDE open on new shop developments--Tune in to check it out!

It's still a shock when people say they binge on Business of Machining podcast episodes and we want to give a sincere thank you to those who listen and show their continued support! 

Jul 13, 2018

It’s Friday today, which means that Saunders picked Grimsmo up yesterday morning to take him on a trip to Kitchener, ON, and visit CAMplete. Saunders is stoked to pick their brains about 5-axis, but they are really just happy to be doing it together!

“If you don’t live in a 5-axis world, you wouldn’t even know what you’re missing” - Saunders

Let’s talk about processes!

Stay tuned for a bonus podcast episode...on YouTube! It’ll be their first video format podcast

It’s ALL about the flow

Grimsmo’s shop is doing well right now with their one piece flow setup, he and Saunders talk about how to set up their workflows and palettes to maximize their productivity.  

How can you improve workflow?

What can The Office teach you about machining? Saunders talks about how The Office and the movie “Deep Impact” inspired him to “seize the day, be deliberate, keep planning, and keep working”. Good news: you can do this well into old age.

Saunders’ “Not a To-Do List”

“One of the things that no one tells you as an entrepreneur is that it can be difficult to not have a boss” - Saunders

Saunders and his wife sit down in the morning to talk business and set a focus area for the day. This turns into a focus list that helps Saunders justify how he spends his time.

What does a “goal” mean to different people?

Article mentioned in podcast: The seven things you must go through before making $1 million in revenue

“Actions have to match the ambitions, or else you’re just making it up” - Grimsmo

Grimsmo’s upcoming improvements: heat treating processes, and the lock bar insert for the knives.

5-Axis Blues Bliss!

Saunders was hesitant at first about going 5-axis, but he is in love with it now!

Jul 6, 2018

Do you have a parallel version of you? Maybe it's time to give them a shout and review the first half of the year with them, you may be surprised. 

John and John have more than just their names in common; they also are in about the same place business wise, and have about the same number of employees. Now all Grimsmo needs is that new shop!

Saunders and Grimsmo discuss the balancing act that is being both a technician and a manager. It comes down to hierarchies, and making employees feel respected and listened to.

Coming soon to a podcast near you: Torque Wrenches, the continuing battle!

Saunders struggles with his Haas and tries to make 5 axis machining simple

“The beauty of 5-axis is that you should have the ability to just do that” - Grimsmo

Locking down the lock bar insert!

We all know Grimsmo strives to make his knives perfect, and now it’s time to improve the reliability of the process. So far everything is going swimmingly, the insert just needs to pass the “spine whacking” test. Which is exactly what it sounds like.  

Lathes, lathes, lathes!!! ...Saunders? Are you still there?

The smallest part that Grimsmo has ever made is going to come out of his lathe, and be put into the lock bar insert. 

Check out Geissele Triggers:

FOMO does not apply to Grimsmo...he wants things to happen without him! AND THEY ARE! The team tried out the new Arbor press the other day, video to come out soon on Grimsmo’s channel.

Saunders dream job? High level R&D! Dream vacation? Coming to see the Grimsmo shop! And dreams are coming true next week for both Saunders and Grimsmo, as he'll come by the shop and hang out with the whole crew. Keep an eye out for that video! Who knows what’s going to happen when the two John’s are in the same room!