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John Grimsmo of Grimsmo Knives and John Saunders of NYC CNC discuss their success, struggles, goals and more as machinists, business owners and entrepreneurs.
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May 15, 2020

Business of Machining: It may be simple and direct, but it's not forced or uncomfortable. BoM also happens to be a "subtle acronym" for Bill of Materials.


  • Naming businesses and products
  • Asking For Advice: The Student Mindset 
  • Processes - Scalability & Sustainability
  • Datron NEO - Sneeze Guards & ProvenCut
  • Parting Off: CNC Lathes

Grimsmo and Saunders discuss what it's like to name products and companies. The next time you hear Bashing Strawberries, you'll know exactly what they mean.

Discord Group Chat Provokes Good Conversation & Deeper Musings
We're all hardwired to find information that validates our belief system and discount anything that contradicts it.

However, when asking for advice, we must learn to put our biases aside. On that note, Saunders shares a fitting and humbling book excerpt about maintaining a student mindset.

How To Get Things Done Well - Sustainable & Scalable
Are you the technician focused on specific day-to-day tasks, the slightly unhinged company visionary, or somewhere in between? Determining where you are along this spectrum can help you determine the next steps in your business.

Datron NEO - How You Doin'?
Saunders discusses what it's been like the past few months with a Datron NEO. Everything from the work envelope compared to machine footprint, spindle speed, and an intuitive control, Datron NEO gets two thumbs up from SMW.
Hey Marv, if you're listening, can a Datron outpace a KERN?

Should You Increase SFM Just Because?
Grimsmo wants to leverage a higher SFM but there is never free lunch.

Saunders shoulda got a 5-C. Holding 1/4" thick mod vise washer between the main and subspindle for parting off doesn't leave any room. Having to take an additional finishing pass on the part isn't ideal. Although a 20 second pass seems like no big deal is it scalable and sustainable? NO.

Speaking of Sustainable...
Grimsmo kicks around the idea of making the one-and done SAGA part on the KERN instead of the NAK and other ways improve production.

HELP! It's Too Simple for Technology!
Saunders needs help from YOU! If you know what would work best to solve his camera + monitor woes, he's all ears.

May 8, 2020

John might have had a little hiccup on the Kern. A work piece flew out of the vise. Don't worry, everything is good! The Boys also had a great chat about managing tool inventory in a shop. With some great references and a video that can be found here. John & John also chat in length about 5 axis parts and the qwerks of Fusion 360!

May 1, 2020

CNC Lathes, Mills, Manufacturing & Small Business


  • CNC Lathe & Mill Trials and Errors
  • Subspindle Stabilization Solutions
  • 5-Axis Window Machining, Tabs, and Hot Glue
  • A Different Workholding Solution You Might Not Have Tried
  • Will the KERN make the Linda Wheel obsolete?
  • Dovetail Workholding Instills Confidence
  • Technician Time
  • Shedding The Bootstrap Mindset 

Saunders aims to avoid a post-machining deburr process for the square, tapered mod vise washers. He discusses the results of chamfering with the Harvey double-sided, double-angle cutter, using the subspindle and a 3D printed mandrel to stabilize the washer during part off, and a new idea that involves a 1" square collet.

Solutions Should Not Cause More Problems
When trying to improve machining strategies and workflow processes, make sure you're considering reliability, scalability, and poka-yoke. If the solution is clunky and prone to error, don't settle!

5-Axis Window Machining, Tabs, and Hot Glue
While touring Stewart-Haas Racing (video coming soon), the decal crew asked the V.P. of Operations, Tony Frazier, if their machine shop could fashion an aluminum decal squeegee and Saunders offered to help! He gears up to record voice over for the entire process. Although it's not a technique that lends itself to automation, Grimsmo still wants to have that trick in his back pocket!

A Workholding Solution You Might Have Never Tried
Saunders shares an awesome workholding technique when it comes to machining parts that are difficult to hold AND it can also provide reliable machining datum for Op 2.

Technician Time
Covid-19 lockdown might have some silver lining after all. Without distractions, Grimsmo finds himself getting very comfortable with the KERN in terms of probing, measuring, pallet changing, mounting vises to pallets, and making incredible progress on the rask knife tombstone fixture. Perhaps when the lockdown is lifted, there will be a new rask in the offering!

If you're a veteran of this podcast, you already know about the "Linda Wheel." The Linda Wheel Arrives in all the way back in Episode 12. The question is, will the KERN render the Linda Wheel obsolete?

Dovetail Workholding FTW
Remember that scary block of 4140? Grimsmo's now sold on dovetail workholding!

Bootstrapper Mindset Holding You Back?
When you're a bootstrapper by nature, the problem is you're using limits to plan while your business is growing! While this mindset does serve a great purpose, the trick is to know when to use it and when to abandon it.


Apr 24, 2020

Things are going well for both Grimsmo & Saunders! Saunders relaunched their website and saw their highest sales week! While Grimsmo has been getting more comfortable on the kern! Saunders' brings up a quote from his friend, "Possession is 90% of ownership". The boys also talk about "When you're faced with a tough decision, always choose the option that gives the customer the most confidence." This is a vital aspect of running any business and they weigh in on their thoughts on it!

Apr 17, 2020

Buying, Running, and Building Successful Businesses Around CNC Machines.


  • ST-20Y is back in business
  • Tolerance Creep & Squeezing the Most Out Of Your Machine
  • Tornos Lovejoy coupler slips during production
  • GK Quarantine Vlogs - Second Nature Machining Tips and Tricks
  • Finding Center Lines On A Y-Axis Lathe
  • Fusion 360 NC Program Feature
  • Simplifying Lathe Workflow - Lockwood's WCS & Container Method in Fusion 360
  • Dovetail Workholding
  • KERN - Tooling in Groups & Fusion 360 Cloud Library

Although the world is changing, one thing remains constant: the love of CNC machining!

Saunders is ecstatic to be reunited with the ST-20Y AND he's taking notes on how to get the absolute best parts the machine can produce.

Contrary to popular belief, you can't just buy a KERN, input the code, and have amazing parts appear. According to Grimsmo, the machine brand will only get you so far and the rest depends on tweaking and improving your process, even just that tiny bit more.

While lifestyle creep is to be avoided if possible, tolerance creep is definitely something you need!

Lovejoy Coupler Slips During Production
The year-old Tornos has been opened up to be serviced by Elliot Matsuura's technician. The coupler that attaches the motor to the ball screw is specifically designed to slip so nothing is ruined in the event of a crash; however, since the servo motors contain the enocders themselves, the machine is not aware of a mechanical slip, meaning it'll keep making parts out of spec until you catch it.

Grimsmo and Saunders hash out details on finding the center line on Y-Axis lathes. Grimsmo knows the best way takes a little more work but it's perfect every time.

Saunders has a do-while loop while he runs a certain number of parts. He shares how he wants to use a variable to streamline his post processor. Other ways to streamline and improve workflow come from Rob Lockwood. By implementing Lockwood's container method for programming parts and using a repeatable WCS, G55 stays put and the lengthy NC instructions on checking and setting offsets are a thing of the past!

Click Here for a Video on Part Programming Using Lockwood's Method.

KERN - Setting Up, Tooling, & Planning
Grimsmo hasn't cut anything on special K for a while. Is he allowing fear to hold him back? With a large chunk of steel that could fall and damage the machine, he's not sure if he can trust dovetail workholding. 
Grimsmo shares how he wants the tools and sister tools to be organized and how he's using the Fusion 360 cloud library.

Up Your Confidence Bank
Each time you keep a promise to yourself, your confidence account gets a little raise. Although Saunders crashed the lathe, he didn't let shell-shock stop him from moving forward. The only way Grimsmo will get that raise is if he gets off this call and pushes cycle start!

Apr 10, 2020

John & John are still adjusting to working or in some cases, not working during COVID-19. Grimsmo is slowly integrating back into work but with very strict safety measures. While Saunders' continues to make PPE for the front line workers. The boys talk all about the different government loans in both Canada & USA and how to apply for them. John Grimsmo has been taking it way back in the old days of YouTube making daily vlogs. Saunders' CRASHED HIS LATHE :(

Apr 3, 2020

Two Small Manufacturing Business Entrepreneurs Learning to Navigate Covid-19.

With an uncertain time frame, Grimsmo and Saunders discuss the importance of looking ahead, monitoring your burn rate, and being ready to use available programs before the cushion runs out. 

Grimsmo Knives made the decision to shut their shop in response to the non-essential business shut down order.  That doesn't mean things aren't still progressing! Not only has he reached out to the Canadian government to offer GK's shop and skill sets, he's got time to LEARN THAT KERN--all in the name of the Rask! 

Last episode, SMW had shut down the shop in response to the non-essential business shut down order BUT within the last week, he's busted his butt to figure out a way to be part of the solution.

DELVE reached out to have his shop manufacture face-shields, the Badger Shield to be exact. This well designed, open-source file gives SMW everything they need to make PPE the right way. 

Click Here To Learn More About Operation #BadgerShield

Saunders shares his crazy experience with trying to secure materials to make it happen. The whole team is on board to help as many healthcare workers as possible.

If you have a machine shop, it's a good idea to see what you can provide in this great time of need. For Ohioans, go to to see how you can help.


Saunders asks Grimsmo about whether or not wear comp on a static lathe tool should be updated in Fusion CAM or at the control. 

While discussing the workflow for holding tight tolerances on the lathe, thermal expansion and tool wear enter the conversation.

5-Axis, Where Have You Been!?

All the recent lathe talk has been great and all but with Grimsmo about to get knee deep in the KERN, he needs some resources to learn Steep & Shallow in Fusion 360.

Watch AutoDesk University 2019 Presentations of Laurens Wijnschenk, Rob Lockwood, and Phil Butterworth




Mar 27, 2020

This weeks episode is a little different than our normal conversations. John & John talk all about the effects of COVID-19 in their personal life and business life. They take a quick detour to talk about higbee threads as well! Please everyone stay safe out there. Look after yourself and loved ones.

Mar 20, 2020


  • Thoughts on Covid-19 and small business
  • The SAGA 
  • Solutions for breaking tools during internal threading
  • Why You Need a Neon Vest In Your Shop

BREATHE. Yes, they talk about Coronavirus. Yes, they are washing their hands. What you won't find are hosts hoarding toilet paper or coming up with conspiracy theories. What you will find is hope and perseverance!

If you want to know how you can help fight Covid-19, please visit

EDC > Safe Queen
During a hiking/shooting trip with a friend, Saunders notices a spectacularly crafted GK SAGA pen sticking out of his friend's shirt pocket. After spending some time outdoors, Saunders realizes he's lost his OWN SAGA...let's just say this pen has a SAGA of its own.

Grimsmo shares how the clips are uniquely and perfectly tensioned.

Internal Threading Problems
Sub-spindle threading cycle = Butt Clench 100
Find out why Saunders uses masking tape on the lathe.
Grimsmo switches to making knife thumb studs on the Tornos instead of the Nak. A very tiny threaded hole causes 5-6 tools worth of headache. He searches for the problem, only to kick himself later.

Grimsmo explains GO, NO-GO
Listen to the one and only Go, No-Go explanation that actually makes sense!

SMW Fixture Plate Tops
Now that all Pierson Workholding Mini Pallets are compatible with SMW Fixture plates, Saunders turns his attention to diamond dowel pins that require tight tolerances. When it comes to QC, keep it simple!

Fraser has fashioned a sweet sound-proof audio/visual room for GK videos and products!

What is it good for? Absolutely nothing---if it's not in use.

Mar 13, 2020

Have you ever wanted to listen to two grown men talk about a lathe like children in a candy store? Well this episode is for you. John Saunders goes in depth trying to make his first sub spindle lathe part. The boys also talk all about the mist collector situation at the Grimsmo shop and to not overlook the air quality. John Grimsmo also made a "production run" of 9 parts on the Kern!

Mar 6, 2020


  • 5-Axis Machining Generatively Designed Parts
  • Tool life troubleshooting & solutions
  • Steep & Shallow in Fusion 360
  • McMaster Coolant Filtration Solutions
  • Relieved Shank Endmills
  • Shrink Fit, Set Screw, & Pull-Stud Extenders



(Click Image to View Post)

In January, NYC CNC made trucks for a Datron longboard with a combination of 3-axis and 5-axis machining.  However, they didn't stop there!

Gavin Bath from CADPRO Systems in New Zealand took the brunt of the work for modeling a generatively designed truck and now it's Saunders' turn to machine it!
Today, he'll hit cycle start on his first true simultaneous steep and shallow toolpath. He also shares an important lesson about work coordinate systems.

No Rush on the Naks
Grimsmo and his team settle into their new shop. Although the machines are up, the Naks still aren't making parts because of coolant line reconfiguration. Will they be forced to scramble or was it all part of the plan?

The 17-4 stainless pivot screws are proving to be a challenge on the Swiss. Grimsmo's using the same process he's used for 5-6 years but the endmills are dying out after 35-60 parts! Saunders and Grimsmo troubleshoot various factors that affect tool life and possible solutions.

When it comes to machining strategies, if you've ever found yourself saying, " But I want it to work like THIS," STOP RIGHT THERE! Saunders says, "Get the recipe working FIRST--even if you don't love it. THEN start tweaking it from there!"

When it comes to 5-Axis milling ensuring that you're able to reach occluded features is key. Grimsmo and Saunders discuss relieved shank tools, tapered endmills, and shrink fit, set screw, and pull-stud extenders.

Grimsmo + KERN = NEW Pocket Clip Supports
Today, he's going to machine this part in 1 op but he's not quite sure which strategy to use for the curvy areas of the part. Saunders suggests either 3D Contour with shaft and holder detection OR Steep and Shallow.

When reaching out for coolant filtration solutions, he got nothing but poor customer service and people reluctant to give straight answers. With that, he sets out to find other options.

Grimsmo stands by his filter bag housing from McMaster.
Click Here to See Part Number 5168K249

Adafruit Parallel
While watching an interview with the CEO of Adafruit, one particular line strikes a chord with Saunders. It brings a new sense of clarity in terms of defining what SMW does.

Feb 28, 2020

Can you really optimize machining and happiness at the same time? This week John & John dive in to optimizing machining while staying happy and true to yourself. They also talk about hand editing lathe code and threading tips on the lathe. Saunders fuses ABS plastic together with acetone like a mad scientist and Grimsmo finally gets his swiss running after some issues.

Feb 21, 2020


  • Entrepreneurs Managing Business & Emotions
  • Reliving KERN 
  • Shop Tours | Onsrud, Hendrick Motorsports, and Stewart-Haas Racing
  • CAMplete | Workflows & Optimize Function 
  • Datron NEO & Wazer for ProvenCut Speeds & Feeds Testing
  • A Message from Justin K. Courtney | Tulster

It's been 13 years and counting!
Grimsmo relives how his spur-of-the-moment trip to KERN resulted in something he never thought possible.

Rear View VS Windshield
Are we ever truly able to live in the present? Saunders discusses the past, present, and future as it relates to entrepreneurship. If you aren't familiar with the 1-Minute "Brazilian Fisherman" story, Read it here.

Managing Business = Managing Emotions
Saunders shares a thought and behavior pattern that gives him emotional freedom during stressful events or circumstances. Learning how to control and manage emotional responses is easier said than done.

Saunders visits Onsrud, Hendrick Motorsports, and Stewart-Haas Racing in Charlotte, North Carolina and shares his experience at each shop, the things that blew him away, and a story about how he ended up machining an aluminum decal squeegee tool.

CAMplete Training, Workflows, & Capabilities
Grimsmo returns from a day of training with a good understanding of how to integrate Fusion 360 and CAMplete into a viable workflow for Grimsmo Knives.  At this point in time, SMW uses the software to simulate, verify, and check for possible collisions but there's a feature that sounds like a game changer: OPTIMIZE FUNCTION.

ProvenCut will be testing speeds and feeds on these machines and adding them to the ever-growing video database!

Click Image to Visit

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Last but not least, a message from Jusin K. Courtney with TULSTER.

Follow him on IG

Feb 14, 2020

John & John go into some very deep discussion this week all about stress, happiness and finding continued motivation. How do you talk about past events and experience without sounding like you are whining? Finding the line and learning how to communicate in the early stages of growing a business. John Saunders visits YG1 and Onsrud endmill grinding factory! John Grimsmo goes all in on Kern training and it is blowing his mind!

Feb 7, 2020

Saunders and Grimsmo delve into entrepreneurial insecurity, how it impacts them, and ways to keep it in check.

Now that the crazy month of January has passed, Grimsmo and his team are getting back into the swing of production. The Mori is up and running but there was a minor problem that caused them to scrap four knife handles. While it's not a huge deal, sometimes we forget about easy ways to isolate risk.

Speaking of scrapping parts, the guys discuss ways to proof code and machine operations including the Haas dead man's switch, and safe mode.

Coolant Plans
Grimsmo and Saunders share plans and ideas for coolant to machine delivery. Since the majority of coolant mix is water, it makes the most sense to avoid having to transport it to each machine.

A Different Type of Sustainability - Simple Solutions That Last
If you're a business owner, it's time to be ruthlessly honest about decisions and plans. Are these things going to work long term? Are these solutions able to be scaled?

I've a KERN-FESSION to make
Grimsmo turns on the KERN for the first time and ends up with something he didn't expect...

Learning Curve
With more training for the KERN and CAMplete on the docket, there's still another issue that training can't solve: deciding what to machine first! Should it be a test part, a part needed for knives, or should he revisit a part that brings his story full circle?

Did you say DATRON?
Saunders announces some exiting news about a new partnership between Datron and ProvenCut!

They Must Have Heard Me!
Have you ever wished something existed only for it to suddenly appear? Saunders is amused and happy that Maritool came through with ER Hex Collets.

A state-wide ban on toothpicks prompts Tom Lipton to create a machining challenge!  So, uh, does this mean we're outlaws now?

Click Image For Tom Liptons IG Post

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Jan 31, 2020

This week John & John talk all about "The best decision is the one that will increase the customer's trust". They raise a great discussion about making decisions while being in the public eye and trying to make sure everyone is happy. We also do a deep dive into the new Grimsmo HQ. They talk all about leveling machines, measuring tools and mastering precision. You can find the book we reference here. John Saunders also plays a slight prank on Grimsmo once he un boxes his new Kern! 

Jan 24, 2020

Plugged Into The Pipeline
Having a brain trust is valuable to your business and personal growth. Whether it's social media, family, friends, a mentor, or a business/entrepreneurship group, the benefits are innumerable. Entrepreneurship bears a shocking resemblance to parenting, especially when it comes to receiving unsolicited advice.

Your Win = Crap Shoot?
Saunders shares memo that brings a new perspective to evaluating decisions. Although it's easy to think a good result is from your skill and intellect, you might be surprised to find that it's more like rolling the dice.

Read Howard Marks Memo 

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Click Image for Full Post

All the machines are in the new Grimsmo Knives shop and it looks incredible! With a loaner grocery box truck, the team will be able to finish moving the remaining items.

Watch New Shop Progress Video


Grimsmo and Saunders talk details about water, coolant, and ways to make supplying coolant/water to the machines more efficient.

An air line disconnects and whiplashes wildly against the adjacent wall, scaring the crap out of everyone. Saunders shares the story on WhatsApp and Rob Lockwood has an easy solution---almost too easy. Let's just say that the Air Fuses are on order....and maybe a few new pairs of pants.


Jan 17, 2020

John & John have a crazy busy week ahead. Saunders' dives into great detail about his first lathe sub spindle transfer. They both go into great detail about process and the fine tuning that goes into something like switching parts on a lathe. John Grimsmo goes over the plan for moving into the new shop next week! This includes getting the Kern that comes on Monday! Both Johns also touch on switching between the technician, manager and owner as the company grows. They both have great knowledge to share in regards to scaling your own personal growth alongside the company that you run! They reference a book called "Extreme Ownership" By Jocko Willink.

Jan 10, 2020

Less than a week into 2020, Grimsmo's new shop is ready to be outfitted with epoxied floors, water, electric, and air in the coming days and weeks. The floors have been shot blasted and the repairman is on his way to fix the heater. With the new shop being a 1-minute walk from the current one, it couldn't be more convenient. Excuse me, did you say, "Shot Blasted?"

Now I know why it's called The E-Myth REVISITED...
This book repeatedly floats to the top as one of the most valuable resources for entrepreneurs. If it's not enough to hear it from both Johns, Curt Richardson, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Visionary Officer of Otter Products, LLC, mentions it in this "How I Built This with Guy Raz" podcast episode. 

Get A Copy of The E-Myth Revisited

A JaRrINg Entrepreneurial Perspective
When grinding and bootstrapping from the bottom to the top is all you've known, learning about a different approach can be difficult to grasp. How we view risk VS reward and whether or not we're motivated intrinsically or extrinsically greatly determines the shape of the business.

Against the backdrop of the economy, entrepreneurs who acquire large loans and hire out the positions take on more risk; thus, they generally reap more reward. That being said, while it's good not to be a "permabear," ignoring the possibility of economic decline isn't exactly smart either.

During a supply issue, Grimsmo realizes he's fallen back to an old trusty behavior pattern. He's going to push himself to give more responsibility to the awesome team behind him!

Inventory | A Balancing Act
In the process of re-configuring inventory racks for raw material, Saunders is reminded of two things: 1) Jay Pierson's lean approach and 2) The Glock Factory that stores up to two years worth of raw material. While discussing the supply of material, the conversation takes a dark but realistic turn towards history.

Humdinger Tool Life Report & Patience
A company hires ProvenCut to test tool life and when the detailed report is sent back to them, there is no response.
When you don't hear back right away, that can make you question everything....

Grimsmo highlights that ProvenCut isn't just about finding an exact recipe. It helps identify ideal speeds and feeds ranges! When it comes to Swiss machines and using oil instead of coolant, Grimsmo's concern with tool life/babying tools has increased greatly--especially after @eoscases Citizen machine caught fire.

Click the image below for video.

Haas ST-20Y
Saunders discusses reasons for the Haas lathe purchase.
When it comes to the product, is it really turning out?

Jan 3, 2020

Happy new year everyone! This week John & John talk machines, promises and expectations. Grimsmo Knives gets the keys to their new shop and the new Kern landed in Canada. This then sparked the conversation about the planning process with rigging new machines and the move in general.

John Saunders all about "The Prepared" by Spencer Wright, which is a newsletter for "people working on real problems in the physical world". Click HERE to check it out!

Saunders' also makes a list of some of his 2020 goals. The boys talk about struggling to drill titanium.

Dec 27, 2019

Merry Chipsmas and Happy New Year!

2020 is just around the corner and so are the Eumachs, the KERN, and the new shop! With a ton of micro-tasks that make up the larger task of changing locations, Grimsmo goes into tactical mode rather than focusing on the philosophical, big-picture of GK.

Saunders notices an obvious but admirable difference between himself and his Canadian counterpart. Despite the multitude of details that need ironing in the coming days, Grimsmo appears to have a calm and collected disposition.

Grimsmo admits to worrying more than he lets on but it pays to have a centered vibe whether or not he feels that way internally.

"I need warriors, not worriers," he declares. What seems like a survival tactic for high stress situations results in setting the tone for how his team perceives and reacts to challenge and change.

FREE Phil Butterworth Autodesk University Class | Machining Complicated Parts Quickly

Did you know cnc lathe love has 30 Haaspowers?
The ST-20Y has been a phenomenal addition to SMW and John sings the praises of the automatic tool presetter but there a few other itty bitty sticking points.

1. An internal slot left of the chuck can trap shorter pieces of stock

2. the parts catcher door's stingy opening distance

When it comes to the parts catcher door...Grimsmo is UNSUBBING. After all, "That's what the sub-spindle is for!"

THEY DID. The Johns discuss methods, theories, and tooling for parting off.

The speed of the robot arm at SMW is enough to make heads spin. Ready Robotics installed Forge; software that controls FANUC while making it easier for end users to program automation.

Automation & Pushing Manufacturing Boundaries
Back from the MetalQuest tour in Nebraska, Saunders starts to understand the importance of the automation flow chart.

Speaking of pushing boundaries, he also JUST printed his first 3D part ever on the Prusa i3 MK3 3D printer. Grimsmo discusses the Erowa, tombstones, pallets, and vises.

3D Printer Misconceptions
After their introduction to the consumer market, they still haven't garnered support of the masses. Grimsmo suggests that instead of showing their full capabilities, marketing tends to show the printer printing cheap/useless products.

Want an unconventional, awesome, entrepreneurial movie?
Temple Grandin


Sometimes you want to punch a hole through your 11-year old TV--especially when it's possessed. However, this became a father-son bonding/learning experience. By giving William a screwdriver and allowing him to experience the joys of disassembling electronics, it instills curiosity and fascination.

Saunders and Grimsmo reminisce about disassembling electronics. 

End of the Year Challenge: Think about 2020. Not in terms of tasks but ethos. What do you want your business to be?

Please don't forget to send audio clips to us. We want to feature you!

Happy Holidays, friends! We wish you and your families the best. Thanks for listening! 


Dec 20, 2019

This week both John's talk about the million dollar Kern Microtechnik coming to the Grimsmo shop! Both John's also touch on the Christmas holiday coming up and about being a parent! Saunders touches on past issues about having machines delivered to his shop and the entire process of getting new equipment. We talk in depth about learning advanced lathe work, things like Fusion 360, tool paths and when to stop trying to hard.

Things reference in this weeks podcast are listed below:

BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth scan tool:


John Saunders Video on 5-Axis machining:


Dec 13, 2019

The guys muse about their leadership role and how seriously they take it. In order to be a better leader, you have to be willing to admit when things aren't going well--and that's not easy.

Tasks and Tiffs!
Grimsmo shares current sticking points in the shop: sharing responsibility and co-worker conflicts. Incrementally, he's delegating more tasks. When it comes to conflict, he finds it easy to understand and validate both sides...which sounds good on paper BUT it's NOT! Grimsmo and Saunders talk about the importance of a superordinate goal - the goal that has to be more important than the personal issues that present themselves. 

24 Hour Airport Test
SMW is still searching for the right person to be part of the team. It helps to ask yourself, "Could I stand being stuck in an airport for 24 hours with this person?"

Why is inventory at Sandvik kept SO low? No minimum quantities + long lead times don't make sense!

Haas ST-20Y in Action
An aluminum chess pawn is the first part made on the lathe! With the probe arm calibrated, tool offsets dialed in, and spot on tolerances, it's time to move on to the next part.

The upside down Cybertruck sends the part into the chip conveyor. Saunders and Grimsmo discuss different types of parts catchers and their preferences.

If you're thinking you should make your own spindle liners, think again. Don't pull a Grimsmo. Go to Trusty-Cook and buy them instead!

Grimsmo's going to be waiting at the door of his new shop on January 1st--come hell or high water. With the layout determined, he plans to meet with some epoxy vendors. The electrician and plumber are booked but have you thought about running air, though?

Saunders shares some great lessons he's learned the hard way when it comes to moving into a new shop.

First 5-Axis CNC machining class was a success!
6 students each ran their own code and ended up with an awesome engine block!




Dec 6, 2019

This week John & John talk about firing vendors and turning failure into a victory, and money can buy you options but not happiness. John G also confirms that the lease on the new building is confirmed and they are now in the planning stage. John S talks setting up his new Haas Lathe to run a new part.

Nov 29, 2019

Welcome to the Business of Machining Podca---I mean, Business of Machining PRIVATE conversation.

What were things like for Grimsmo and Saunders pre Lockwood button? Saunders remembers a lot more daily struggles, precarious situations, lack of confidence, and FEAR. Have things really changed?

Perfectionism = Double-Edged Knife
A driving force for achieving excellence, perfectionism comes
at a high price. Could learning to be content in the moment be the key?

Atypical but Awesome AutoDesk University Course
Mark Terryberry from Haas gives a history lesson about how
machinists have evolved over time.

AutoDesk makes their courses available for FREE online but you kinda hafta dig to find them--or at least you used to.
The courses will be easy to access HERE on the NYC CNC page.   

Saunders is formally looking for a full time machinist for ProvenCut! If you're interested, send an email to

Giving Responsibility Away: Why is it so hard?
Grimsmo's been giving more and more responsibility to his team but still handles the majority of programming. He explores his beliefs about experience level and how it affects his willingness to let go.

Programming CAM | An Artform
Nuances in personal style, mentality, and experience all contribute to how we program parts. Saunders discusses the benefits of giving the responsibility to an employee.

Area 419 Tour: A great story of embracing lean, delegating responsibilities, and organic small business growth
(Coming Soon)

Tight Tolerance Tornos
Stop pins on the Nak were annoying but on the Swiss, they are a dream! Cycle time decreased from 45 to 25 seconds AND they have noticeably more shine.

Moving & Why You NEED to try 3D printing Your Shop
With tiny, baby machines in hand, Grimsmo's getting ready to plan the new shop layout. 

Check out This Video For More Info!

Dinner and a Flick
Grimsmo and his team head out to see Ford VS Ferrari.
It sounds like a fun night out but there's more to it.
Call it whatever you want but we don't have to put a label on this team building exercise.

Haas ST-20Y Gearing Up
SMW eagerly awaits the arrival of the Royal Acculength Collet Chuck and the final live tool holder. Capto tooling is installed and Saunders is excited to start making parts!


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